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Dentistry to include dental x-ray as a hallmark

Preventative dental care operations are expertly performed by our team of veterinary specialists, who have years of experience. These procedures keep teeth and gums healthy and clean while reducing plaque and tartar buildup. We get a behind-the-scenes look at tooth health via dental X-rays. Each tooth is completely cleaned above and below the gum line using cutting-edge, secure ultrasonic technology. The teeth are then polished by one of our dental experts before receiving a fluoride treatment to fortify enamel and lessen sensitivity.

Pet Dental Care

Our cutting-edge pet dentistry procedures can also assist if your pet currently has a dental issue, such as loose or damaged teeth, gingivitis, or full-blown dental disease. In order to treat and manage current oral health issues, such as tooth extraction and repair, as well as minor oral surgery when necessary, we have all of the tools, equipment, and experience required. We’ll put in a lot of effort to resolve your pet’s dental issues and put them back on the path to a healthy mouth.

Last but not least, we’ll also give you instructions, suggestions, and examples of methods you may use at home to maintain your pet’s teeth and gums throughout the year, in between visits to our facility. It’s critical that you participate actively in your pet’s dental care because once-yearly checkups and cleanings sometimes aren’t sufficient to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Together, we’ll put a lot of effort into giving your pet a lifetime of clean, healthy smiles!

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