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About Aberlea Veterinary Life Planning

Aberlea Veterinary Life Planning, LLC

Why We Exist

Aberlea exist to help people plan around life with their pets from start to finish, and to
adjust to life as the world happens throughout pet ownership.

We are a boutique or “niche” practice with a small, experienced team focusing on fewer patients and spending more time in order to achieve a greater number of happy, pain-free years for dogs and cats. A cornerstone of how we achieve our goals for your pet is through a process called Veterinary Life Planning. Unique to Aberlea, Veterinary Life Planning has been formulated through Dr. Lane’s experiences in over 14 awesome practices, the animal pharmaceutical industry, and the Army Veterinary Corps. We combine the uniqueness of your pet’s life with our process to formulate a “Life Plan,” knowing your pet and you knowing us. Through having an intimate relationship with our patients, we can prevent the preventable and build a foundation of health for when the unforeseen happens.

Aberlea Veterinary Life Planning - our story

Our Story

Aberlea Veterinary Life Planning

We specialize in knowing you and knowing your pet. We pride ourselves on knowing what your pet is like when he/she is well so we can act when things get off track. We make plans to keep your pet well to get the most pain-free, happy years with your loved one. This relationship allows us to discern what actions are prudent and to do so more quickly in times of sickness. Our relationship with you as the pet owner nurtures speaking freely, understanding limitations, and considering things outside of just your pet when decisions are made about care. Life is complicated. We strive to know how things are evolving in your lives.

About Owner

I’ve gotten to call Murfreesboro home since the age of two. Despite the awesome places to live around Rutherford County with all their great veterinary practices, I’ve always been drawn back to working here in my hometown. I’ve never moved away and love the growth that is occurring in the mid-state. It is without a doubt a great place to live, work, and most importantly raise a family. I cherish our local businesses and hope that Aberlea can be a mainstay among a great group.

I am a husband to Lauren, father to Baird, and veterinarian. Since 2009, I have worked full-time and in a relief role in 14 wonderful practices in Middle Tennessee. My formative years were spent at Belle Meade Animal Hospital in Nashville under the guidance of Joe Ed Conn and David Edwards. Throw in three years in the Army Veterinary Corps and a stent in the pharmaceutical industry and you have the experiences that have shaped the vision for Aberlea Veterinary Life Planning. The best doctors, practice managers, technicians, pet owners, and patients from all these places have curated what Aberlea is, and every single one has my gratitude.